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Ronnie Binmi Yundun, Jimarim etching


25cmx25cm (image only)

editions 5/50 26/50

Jimarim is spring country in the Newry Stati􏰀on area. Good bush tucker grows here - it tastes like pumpkin.


Ronnie Yundun was born in 1965 on Carlton Sta􏰀on. He lived there as a young child before moving with the old people to to the ra􏰀on camp at Fork Creek near Wyndham. Ronnie lived and grew up around this area before star􏰀ting work at Ivanhoe sta􏰀on. He oft􏰂en travelled across to Newry Sta􏰀tion for holidays and visti􏰀ng family. Ronnie began pain􏰀ting at Waringarri Arts in 2003. He became the Chairman of the organisati􏰀on in 2005 suppor􏰀ting the art centre with a strong voice for art and culture. He became a director on the ANKAAA board in 2006 and sadly passed away in 2008.

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2018-8-27 Bay Gallery2035.jpg