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Billy Jibilloorn Duncan etching


25cmx25cm (image only)


editions 13/50 44/50

Billy Duncan's art belongs to the iconic imagery of senior east Kimberley painters. His powerful, simplified forms are imbued with the energy of the sites of significance he paints. Billy was born at Inverway Sta􏰀on in the Northern Territory in 1935. "Most of my life I have been droving ca􏰃ttle and working around the stations as a ringer and stockman. I used to come to Kununurra as a single bloke when I was younger, then I came here to live with my wife in the seventi􏰀es." A􏰂fter an accident during his stockman days, an injury to his knee forced Billy to change to working on farms in the Kununurra region. He has four children, two girls and two boys. Billy first started painti􏰀ng in the mid 1990's.

This painti􏰀ng shows the rainbow snake (the dark shape) he is perishing for lack of water and has passed away. Aft􏰂er he passed away he turned into this hill, Kalwah, as shown as the large rectangle and this is the form he sti􏰀ll has today.

Group Exihibitions

2013 "Our Living Land" An Exhibition of Leading Artists from the East Kimberley, Salvo Hotel, Shanghai, China

2013 "Our Living Land" An Exhibition of Leading Artists from the East Kimberley, OFOTO ANART Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012 "Sharing Difference on Common Ground" Geraldton Regional Gallery, Geraldton 2012 "Sharing Difference on Common Ground" Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Bunbury 2012 "Sharing Difference on Common Ground" The Cannery Arts Centre, Esperence 2011 "Sharing Difference on Common Ground" Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, Mandurah 2010 " Sharing Difference on Common Ground" CCAE Darwin NT

2010 "Living Country" Tunbridge Gallery Margaret River WA
2009 "Danggang/Garardeng Red Ochre White Ochre" Mossensons Galleries Melbourne

2009 "Miriwoong Country" Gecko Gallery Broome WA
2009 Celebrating Country: Kinship & Culture Seymour College Osmond SA
2009 "Sharing Difference on Common Ground" Holmes A Court Gallery Perth WA

2009 "Best of the Best" Framed Gallery Darwin NT
2008 "Dawang - Our Country Our Place Our Home" Mossensons Gallery Melbourne

VIC 2008 "Kimberley Ink and Ochre" Wollongong University NSW
2008 "Kimberley Ink" Northern Editions Darwin NT
2006 "Ochre Country" Gecko Gallery Broome WA
2004 "New works from New and Favourite Artists" Gadfly Gallery Perth WA
2003 "Art from the Heart" Thornquest Gallery Surfers Paradise QLD


National Gallery of Australia
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Clemenger Collection
Kerry Stokes Collection, WA
National Gallery of Victoria
Kluge Ruhe AboriginalArt Collection Virginia USA Zhongfu Group Collecion


2013 "Our Living Land" Exhibition Catalogue

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2018-8-27 Bay Gallery2033.jpg