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Daisy Budburriya Bitting, Bidjin Bidjin etching


25cmx25cm (image only)


editions 5/50 22/50

This print shows tradi􏰀tional country at Goordamanoo - Legune Stati􏰀on at a place called Bidjin Bidjin near a saltwater creek and a freshwater billabong. "We used to walk here to go fishing in the saltwater creek. Once when we were there my brother fell down when he caught a big catfish - Oorloorl. The ti􏰀de was coming in and we had to help pull him out. We used to catch fish with meat 􏰀tied onto rope in those days. We didn't have fishing line."


Daisy was born on the 1st of January in 1940 at Legune Sta􏰀tion. Daisy grew up on Legune stati􏰀on following the old people in this country and learning from them. They walked everywhere when she was young from stati􏰀on to stati􏰀on to visit family and friends. Daisy worked as a cook at Legune Stati􏰀on. When her father passed away she went to live at Port Keats. Daisy had two sons and one daughter at Port Keats. She also had a job there working in the meatworks. Daisy started painti􏰀ng at Waringarri Arts in 1993. She paints her country from Bullo River and across to Jamunjung country in the Northern Territory. Daisy Passed on the 1st November 2008. She is sadly missed.

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2018-8-27 Bay Gallery2036.jpg