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My Country: sacred sites

My Country,  Emu Dreaming ceramic wall tile

My Country, Emu Dreaming ceramic wall tile

Emu Dreaming denotes a sacred waterhole where initiation ceremonies are performed. The jealousy between Emus and the Australian Bustard are a theme of Dreamtime, and they would be found fighting over bush raisins around the site...

The artist, Sarah Napurrarula White, lives and paints several hours away from the main art centre.  Every few weeks art centre workers drive three hours to the remote settlement on her traditional homelands that she shares with her young family.

Her paintings were used for several tile designs due to their simple, beautiful graphic nature – giving them an aesthetic versatility when used in space: whether modern, rustic or eclectic!

Our Emu Dreaming inlaid Cedar of Lebanon table.

Our Emu Dreaming inlaid Cedar of Lebanon table.