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My Country : inspired by the land

"Our art is born from the dreams of each artist and the intense colours we see in our land."

Australian Aboriginal Art Wallpaper, Tiles, Rugs : Bay Gallery Home, My Country collection - Patrick Courbally Stourton

My Country references the Australian Aboriginal philosophy and creative process, whereby all of creation is in relationship, at one with the land.

In our pioneering translations of our artists' artwork into interiors ranges : wallpapers, tiles, rugs, we bring something of the character of Australia's landscapes into your homes.

The artwork we represent stands in the tradition of a sophisticated visual language, composed of layers of regular irregularities of colour, geometry, repetition and scale dynamics.

The particular provenance and symbols of this art – mapping myths, rituals and sacred topography – results in a compelling, versatile aesthetic with a most subtle compositional depth of field. It imbues spaces with wider horizons of the imagination.

We are proud to introduce you to My Country !