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Australian Aboriginal Art as Surfaces for the Architectural & Design industry

Our inaugural Australian Aboriginal Art Wall Tiles, from original artworks.

Our inaugural Australian Aboriginal Art Wall Tiles, from original artworks.

Design Curial singled us out of  170 national and international exhibitors at Surface Design 2017, introducing some of the most innovative surfaces for the architectural, design and construction industries.

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My Country: feeding off the land

My Country,  Bush Onion 1 ceramic tile

My Country, Bush Onion 1 ceramic tile

Bush onion, or janmarda, can be found in the river banks and are dug up using digging sticks. The Aboriginal people wait for the leaves to dry out before eating it. So long as the bulb is white inside, it will be eaten raw or cooked. 

Through her painting, the tile artist Sarah Napurrula White is telling a Bush Onion Dreaming, or Janmarda Jukurrpa. One of the main sites for this story is Purrupurru,  in the remote red centre of Australia, where you can see an old Jungarrayi man in the form of a large stone figure.

Sarah also likes to paint Bush Onion Dreamings because she likes the designs and patterns. When she’s not painting, Sarah works for the aged and children, and on weekends she loves to go hunting with the old people. 

The majority of our artists are women who play an active role in their communities, not only practically but in building communal ties through the visual language of Dreamtime painting.

With their geometric harmony, these ceramic tiles lend themselves to versatile use, from en masse styling as a splash back, to design feature in our bespoke furniture range.

Bush Onion 1 beautifully offsetting modern minimalism.

Bush Onion 1 beautifully offsetting modern minimalism.

Bush Onion 1, Cedar of Lebanon table

Bush Onion 1, Cedar of Lebanon table

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My Country : inspired by the land

"Our art is born from the dreams of each artist and the intense colours we see in our land."

Australian Aboriginal Art Wallpaper, Tiles, Rugs : Bay Gallery Home, My Country collection - Patrick Courbally Stourton

My Country references the Australian Aboriginal philosophy and creative process, whereby all of creation is in relationship, at one with the land.

In our pioneering translations of our artists' artwork into interiors ranges : wallpapers, tiles, rugs, we bring something of the character of Australia's landscapes into your homes.

The artwork we represent stands in the tradition of a sophisticated visual language, composed of layers of regular irregularities of colour, geometry, repetition and scale dynamics.

The particular provenance and symbols of this art – mapping myths, rituals and sacred topography – results in a compelling, versatile aesthetic with a most subtle compositional depth of field. It imbues spaces with wider horizons of the imagination.

We are proud to introduce you to My Country !