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Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) 9 - 11 August 2019


Alana Pink wallpaper with the Alana Pink Cotton Half Panama

Bay Gallery Home is busy preparing to display our ‘My Country’ Aboriginal interiors collection in Australia at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair where you’ll find on one of the outdoor stands.

The Australian launch of ‘My Country’ is the culmination of many hours of work, travel across the world and bumping down dusty roads to our Central Desert Communities. Sourcing the artwork and translating them into wallpapers, fabrics, tiles and rugs has been a absolute pleasure and privilege. As has working with British manufacturers on this pioneering collection.

Taking it home is incredibly exciting so we hope to see you at DAAF. If you can’t make it to Darwin and are interested in the ‘My Country’ collection please get in touch with

We wil be Sydney 5-8 August.

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Betty Pula Morton's work shortlisted for $100,000 Hadley's Art Prize


My Country and Bush Medicine painting, by Betty Pula Morton, a finalist in the 2019 Hadley’s Art prize for Australian landscape painting.

Bay Gallery Home has sold many exceptional Betty’s since we started dealing with her art centre. We also chose to translate one of her paintings into wallpaper and fabric.

Betty is an incredibly gifted artist whose work is endlessly fascinating. We wish her all the luck in winning the prize on 19 July 2019!

Please follow the link to see the other finalists and find out more about the Hadley Art Prize.

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Telescope Style features Bay Gallery Home

Telescope Style seeks, curates and sells elegant, destination-inspired products for home & lifestyle. Items with a direct, unmistakable connection to a country, region, landscape or city. They source from well-travelled, design-led creatives, with a focus on quality, originality and timelessness. Bay Gallery Home is thrilled to be featured by Telescope Style on their latest blog.

Please follow the link below to the complete article.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 14.22.08.png

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New Art has arrived!

Athena Nangala Granites, Seven Sisters Dreaming or Star Dreaming - this painting has been sold.

Athena Nangala Granites, Seven Sisters Dreaming or Star Dreaming - this painting has been sold.

Exciting new art is available through our Art pages where you can click on the images for more information including the paintings origin, artist details, size and price. We ship any size anywhere in the world so if you love it buy it and we’ll get it to you safely and quickly.

Since our last photo shoot another shipment of beautiful paintings have been delivered to Bay Gallery Home so visit us to see them before they are uploaded onto our website. Please check our contact details and blog updates for opening hours.

Please email with any queries.

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Daisy Brown Linen reflects the Australian Outback

Two years ago Alexandra, Bay Gallery Home owner travelled to the central desert community Daisy Kemarre hails from. Alexandra on a mission to find a painting for interior designer Tom Carey who graduated as 2014 Student of the Year from the KLC School of Design.

Tom works in Arts and Crafts, Gothic, Aesthetic and High Victorian styles. On one of his projects he was using William Morris wallpapers but as the ‘My Country’ Lilly Green invoked William Morris comparisons Alexandra thought she could source a painting he could use in his room schemes. So Daisy’s painting became a wallpaper in turn becoming a fabric.

Daisy Brown fabric can be ordered as a linen or half panama. The half panama retains the vivacity of the original work. If you want to match the wallpaper it’s best use the half panama but if you’re after a more rustic feel it works beautifully on the linen.

All ‘My Country’ fabrics will be available by the metre on our shop shortly. In the meantime you can place orders with or call 07776 157 066.


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The World of Interiors - Material World

Bay Gallery Homes’s Michelle Blue wallpaper is featured in the October edition of the World of Interiors amidst a sea of beautiful fabrics. We launched three new ‘My Country’ botanical wallpapers last week at Decorex: Betty Pink, Joycie Yellow and Daisy Brown.

IMG_6091 (1).jpg

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Sotheby's Aboriginal Art Auction 14 March 2018

Margaret Ngwarraye Long, View of Country, Acrylic on Linen 91x76cm (available from Bay Gallery Home)

Margaret Ngwarraye Long, View of Country, Acrylic on Linen 91x76cm (available from Bay Gallery Home)

Next week we're off to the third Sotheby's Aboriginal art auction where they'll be offering artefacts and art from the 18th century to the present.  Master artists from central desert communities on sale including abstract expressionist Emily Kame Kngwarreye, most famous for her record breaking 'Earth's Creation', Janangoo Butcher Cherel, Warlimpirringa Tjapaltjarri and the Prince of Wales (Midpul).  

The auctions have had mixed results with some records being reached but works like those of Warlimpirringa Tjapaltjarri 'Tingari Cycle'[s] not meeting expectations.  Whereas Michael Nelson Jagamara’s iconic Five Stories, 1984, sold for £401,000 far above its estimate in September 2016.

Naturally the prices for these works far exceed what you would find at Bay Gallery Home. It's our desire to bring beautiful, quality Aboriginal artworks to the UK with prices accessible to the many not the few.





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Extraterrestrial journey with Alma Nungarrayi Granites fine bone chinaware

The winter nights have drawn in so why not look at our beautiful evening skies? Perhaps you'll see a cigar-shaped alien space ship (or meteor?) gliding through it.  If you're sky is light polluted take inspiration from Australia's milky way as depicted on these teapots, mugs, sugar pots, cup and saucers, milk jugs and bowls. Alma's paintings were a sell out at her only solo UK exhibition held at Bay Gallery Home but her chinaware continues to be one of our most popular designs.  Available online or in the gallery.


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Bay Gallery Home welcomes you throughout December


Over December we have many beautiful gift ideas for you (we should all treat ourselves to a guilty pleasure at Christmas time) and your loved ones including our stock of fabulous  paintings and our new home and giftware items.  Keep an eye on our website for new products as it will be updated over the next week.  On December 7 we will be open late for the Tetbury, Gloucestershire Christmas light party.  As the main event is on our doorstop we're the perfect place to party while you shop.  We'll be keeping things merry by serving wine, beer and cheeses.

On December 18 we will be holding another event as part of the Tetbury Edit collective - we'll be sharing more on that later.

Our last day of trading in the gallery is Saturday 23 December until 2 January.  We can honour any websales over that period but please take into account post office opening times.

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My County - Pink wallpaper features in 'My Room' magazines' Botanik feature

We are delighted to be included in the Botanik feature in 'My Room' a "Raum Und Wohnen" special edition. The Swiss interiors magazine chose our Pink wallpaper to be showcased alongside hugely talented designers and design shops from all over Europe including Object Carpet, Trigger Design Studio, Wall & Deco, Petit Friture and Moooi.  

Our award winning 'My Country:  design with origin' collection is shipped worldwide through our website  Please get in touch with any queries.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 15.24.07.png

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Colour in Aboriginal Art

The artists in the Communities we represent are known for their use of bold use of colour with expansive swathes of it journeying across their canvases.  Some like Shorty Jangala Robertson became known as a world class colour field abstractionist were its pioneers Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Style.  Shorty would not have been aware of these artists nor their search for myth, meaning and the infinite expressed through abstraction.  Instead he would have drawn on his skin name's Dreamtime stories taking colours from what he saw around him in Australia's Central Desert. With the establishment of art centres he and the other artists accessed many fabulous acrylic paints they utilised to great effect as evidence in the art we sell.  The artists continue to experiment with  colour and technique producing an exciting body of work. Amongst those is the incredibly talented Steven Jupurrula whose work you can see below.

A good Pantone green making itself onto Aboriginal canvases including those by emerging artist Steven Jupurrula

A good Pantone green making itself onto Aboriginal canvases including those by emerging artist Steven Jupurrula

We recently sold this piece - new works by Steven Jupurrula will be in the Gallery soon.

We recently sold this piece - new works by Steven Jupurrula will be in the Gallery soon.

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Ambientes Magazine in Chile features 'My Country' Wallpaper

It's wonderful to have our 'My Country' Aboriginal wallpaper featured in magazines in countries as far flung as Chile.  The Aboriginal spirit and aesthetic is something people from all over the world can connect with as it harks back to the very essence of humanity and creation. Add design with origin to your home by ordering from our online shop.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.15.14.png

ambientes magazine chile  page 54 Issue 117 2017

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Historic Hicks&Weatherburn now stock our My Country wallpapers.

A vibrant collage of our   My Country  wallpapers , translations of authentic Australian Aboriginal artworks, made in the UK.

A vibrant collage of our My Country wallpapers, translations of authentic Australian Aboriginal artworks, made in the UK.

Our My Country Australian Aboriginal wallpapers from original artwork is now stocked by the historic Hicks & Weathernburn.

Established in 1741 in Yorkshire, they are the oldest paint manufacturing company in Leeds, and have expanded into interiors, expanding their expertise on colours and bespoke client service. 

Here is what they have to say:

"We are delighted to be stocking a unique range of wallpaper alongside our premium interior paints designed by Aboriginal artists in Australia’s Northern territory.

A chance meeting with Alexandra O’Brien at Bay Gallery in Tetbury during a recent trip down South led to the collaboration and we are proud to be supporting her work.

Bay Gallery has been working with artists from Aboriginal communities since 2008 and is the only dedicated Aboriginal gallery in the UK.

In collaboration with British manufacturers, some of the designs created in Australia have now been transformed into a striking and stylish collection of interiors products, including the My Country range of wallpaper.

The artists behind these designs take their inspiration from the land, family and nature. This rural theme fits perfectly with our own colour range which is inspired by the Yorkshire countryside.

We will now be selling Bay Gallery’s wallpaper range alongside our paints and would be happy to suggest the best colour combinations to use with them in your interior design scheme.

The artists are remunerated for the original purchase of artwork, and receive a percentage of interiors sales. This is an important source of income for these communities and helps towards mobility, educational and work opportunities.

The original approach came from the Aboriginal communities themselves which means our customers can be confidence that stock is ethically sourced and authentically certified."

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Bay Gallery Home Aboriginal Tiles in Hospitality Design


Hotel Management  featured our   My Country    ceramic wall tiles  in its review of design trends for public interior space design.

Hotel Management featured our My Country ceramic wall tiles in its review of design trends for public interior space design.

As expertly crafted translations of original Australian Aboriginal art work, our My Country ceramic wall tiles were created in collaboration with the expertise of Johnson Tiles 's Artiles service.

One of the three interiors surfaces ranges (wallpapers, rugs and ceramic wall tiles), the collection is entitled My Country, a reference to the Aboriginal philosophy and creative process, whereby all of creation is in relationship, at onewiththeland.  The original artworks'  particular provenance and symbols - inspired by mapping myths, rituals and sacred topography - results in a compelling, versatile aesthetic with a most subtle compositional depthof field, imbuing spaces with wider horizons of the imagination.

Featuring art by Aboriginal artists Geraldine Nangala Gallagher and Sarah Napurrula White, both from Yuendumu in Australia’s Northern Territory, My Country marks the first time that this aesthetic has been reproduced onto ceramic tiles. Each image and colour holds special meaning and spiritual importance to the Aboriginal people and culture.

Johnson Tiles used traditional lithography techniques combined with high-res scanning process to accurately match every detail and color of the artists’ paintings.

The beauty and quality of our tiles reflect their origins of indigenous creative process and high-quality materials and manufacturing skill.



The Dream before the Art

Jitilypuru Jukurrpa  by Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker. The original painting is  available for purchase on our ART page.

Jitilypuru Jukurrpa by Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker. The original painting is available for purchase on our ART page.

In her life as an artist Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker stands in a family tradition of reputed Utopian painters. The Red Malee Dreaming she inherited from her grandmother Topsy Pwerle Jones, who along with her aunt Joycelyn Petyarre Jones influenced Sylvaria's evocative feathery compositional style.

The Jitilypuru, or Red Malee flower is a Eucalyptus species found in arid areas of the desert, and used by the Aboriginals as a sweetener (Eucalyptus rhodantha (Rose Mallee)). It is a plant with few yet long-living flowers, lasting 20-30 days and daily producing large amount of nectar. Flowering occurs between March and November, peaking in the winter months of June to August. 

The colour and scale dynamics in this painting beautifully convey the delight of this vibrant, fragrant flower in the arid Australian desert landscape, and through its image the artist expresses her and her community's connection with Country, with its bright sweet gifts.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Red Malee Dreaming by Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker, detail.

Red Malee Dreaming by Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker, detail.

 Dreamtime is the English translation of the word Jukurrpa, with a meaning encompassing the creation myths and transmitted memories of the Australian Aboriginal people, an immemorial expressive tradition. Jukurrpa is so intrinsically connected with this 40,000 year old community's history and wisdom that the most accurate way of translating it has been to allude to our sense of the formative intangible experience, memory, the divine, the imagination, the dream that inspires creation.

"Our Art is born from the dreams of each artist and the intense colours we see in our land... Through dreams, we can enter the other – parallel – world, in which since creation, gods, spirits and men have lived together." **

Every artist has a Dreaming, which they will interpret throughout their life, enjoying their connection to their dream and the keys they hold to community life.

Red Malee Dreaming by Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker, detail.

Red Malee Dreaming by Sylvaria Napurrurla Walker, detail.

** Quoted from the excellent documentary The Men of the Fifth World:

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Australian Aboriginal Art as Surfaces for the Architectural & Design industry

Our inaugural Australian Aboriginal Art Wall Tiles, from original artworks.

Our inaugural Australian Aboriginal Art Wall Tiles, from original artworks.

Design Curial singled us out of  170 national and international exhibitors at Surface Design 2017, introducing some of the most innovative surfaces for the architectural, design and construction industries.

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"Bringing great design to the surface."

Here is some more press generated in the wake of exhibiting at the annual Surface Design Show in London, in this case an article by Magenta  who singled out our My Country GREEN wallpaper – a good testimony to how impactful this artwork truly is! Here is an excerpt:

Thank you Magenta!

Thank you Magenta!

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WIN Award Win!

How thrilling for Bay Gallery Home's My Country collection to be recognised as Interiors Surface Design of 2016 by the World Architecture News WIN Award!

Bay Gallery Home My Country Australian Aboriginal Art Wallpaper Tiles Rugs WIIN Award World Interior Architecture

Here is our ever glamorous Alexandra picking up the award, which was presented by Piers Taylor, at a ceremony hosted at the stunningly refurbished Design Museum.