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100% Design 2019 - thank you to everyone who visited our Bay Gallery Home stand


Our recent foray into 100% Design London 2019 was four days of pure interior designer jubilance.

Bay Gallery Home offers colour and pattern with origin helping support the Aboriginal artists we represent. The Australian Aboriginals are the oldest continuous race in the world sustaining symbiotic relationships with the land. Designers were keen to embrace the traditional owners’ depictions of their land and Dreamtime stories and we enjoyed meeting so many professionals in interior design and architecture who worked across residential and commercial projects.

Some of the most interesting conversations we had, were with those in the commercial sector looking to add colour to the grey/black/wood/concrete/stripped brick interiors they have been specifying for years. One designer said he had being asked to specify internal gardens, including moss walls, but as an alternative he wanted to offer our Lilly Green wallpaper.

One of the best moments of a design fair for us, is watching people’s faces as they come across our stand and the Aboriginal designs for the first time. As we explain the origin of the designs and invite people to explore our stand, it’s great to see any self consciousness leave them, opening them up to a wholly tactile experience as they study the fabrics, wallpapers, tiles and rugs.

We were also thrilled many interior designers wanted to specify our ‘My Country’ collection for their own homes.

Next stop New York!

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Betty Pula Morton's work shortlisted for $100,000 Hadley's Art Prize


My Country and Bush Medicine painting, by Betty Pula Morton, a finalist in the 2019 Hadley’s Art prize for Australian landscape painting.

Bay Gallery Home has sold many exceptional Betty’s since we started dealing with her art centre. We also chose to translate one of her paintings into wallpaper and fabric.

Betty is an incredibly gifted artist whose work is endlessly fascinating. We wish her all the luck in winning the prize on 19 July 2019!

Please follow the link to see the other finalists and find out more about the Hadley Art Prize.

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New Art has arrived!

Athena Nangala Granites, Seven Sisters Dreaming or Star Dreaming - this painting has been sold.

Athena Nangala Granites, Seven Sisters Dreaming or Star Dreaming - this painting has been sold.

Exciting new art is available through our Art pages where you can click on the images for more information including the paintings origin, artist details, size and price. We ship any size anywhere in the world so if you love it buy it and we’ll get it to you safely and quickly.

Since our last photo shoot another shipment of beautiful paintings have been delivered to Bay Gallery Home so visit us to see them before they are uploaded onto our website. Please check our contact details and blog updates for opening hours.

Please email with any queries.

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Rosie: our featured artist at work

Rosie Ngwarraye Ross painting Sugar Dreaming

Rosie Ngwarraye Ross painting Sugar Dreaming

Rosie Ngwarraye Ross, one of our favourite Central Desert artists, painting in the art centre with fellow artists on what’s bound to be a hot day but they like to stay rugged up when it’s anything less than 40 degrees!

Rosie uses a bold palette to capture her love of the wild desert flowers and bush medicine plants found across her Country.

The omission of the sky in many of this groups compositions allows you to scan the landscape without any focal point thereby drawing your eye across the painting - in no particular order. It is when looking at these works, sometimes for the umpteenth time, we find something new. Almost like it’s secret.

We have a new Rosie in stock which will share with you in a blog early next week. Keep an eye out for it when it’s uploaded for sale on the website. It reminds us of a Monet…

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Our Aboriginal wallpaper artists at Number 46

Two of our incredibly talented artists who are painfully shy sit outside the art centre where they gather their painting materials before disappearing to paint. On their return they saunter in, often barefoot in clothes, they choose for colour and pattern, clutching exquisite completed works depicting the bush tucker and medicine of their Country. When we visit they are intrigued as to which work we choose to sell or translate into wallpapers. The painting on the art centre wall is inspiring us to upscale the next wallpapers in the collection!

It is a huge privilege to work with these women who empower us through their tenacity, fortitude and innate talent. Funds from each wallpaper goes to them and other artists in the Community providing painting materials, healthcare, transport and schooling in both Aboriginal and Western cultures helping to bridge the gap.

The wallpapers are available from our Cotswolds gallery or online at


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The World of Interiors - Material World

Bay Gallery Homes’s Michelle Blue wallpaper is featured in the October edition of the World of Interiors amidst a sea of beautiful fabrics. We launched three new ‘My Country’ botanical wallpapers last week at Decorex: Betty Pink, Joycie Yellow and Daisy Brown.

IMG_6091 (1).jpg

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My County - Pink wallpaper features in 'My Room' magazines' Botanik feature

We are delighted to be included in the Botanik feature in 'My Room' a "Raum Und Wohnen" special edition. The Swiss interiors magazine chose our Pink wallpaper to be showcased alongside hugely talented designers and design shops from all over Europe including Object Carpet, Trigger Design Studio, Wall & Deco, Petit Friture and Moooi.  

Our award winning 'My Country:  design with origin' collection is shipped worldwide through our website  Please get in touch with any queries.

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Sacred Garden of Eden rock hole - Kings Canyon

When we were young my parents flew a small aircraft around the Australian outback.  These were the days where you could land next to Uluru and crawl all over it allowing you to experience its awesome spiritual power.  Another sacred site we clambered all over was Kings Canyon.  The worlds largest monolith and one its most ancient canyons were formed at the same time the first life forms developed on earth - around 600 million years ago.  

Kings Canyon, covered with a plethora of fossil imprints was one of the most emotionally powerful places we'd ever encountered.  This ancient canyon reminded us how insignificant we are in the big scheme of things (although 35 years on we have the power to destroy it all - after a five year fight in June this year the traditional owners learnt the mining threat, including fracking had finally been nullified).  

While exploring Kings Canyon we came across this watering hole spending a significant part of the day enjoying its cool waters.  As Watarrka National Park, where Kings Canyon sits, has been given back to its traditional owners you can no longer swim in it.  It's now identified as a sacred men's site. We felt slightly heartbroken we couldn't share the same experience of swimming in it with our children.  Much of what we accessed all those years ago is no longer open to us in the way it was.  It gave us the slightest insight into what it must have been like to to torn from your land unable to share it's beauty and spirit with younger generations.

Rock hole found in the Garden of Eden, Kings Canyon, Australia

Rock hole found in the Garden of Eden, Kings Canyon, Australia

Kings Canyon walls above the Garden of Eden.

Kings Canyon walls above the Garden of Eden.

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Australia's MacDonnell Ranges feature in our artwork and wallpaper

The MacDonnell Ranges run 664km across the Northern Territory, Australia through the Aboriginal countries and communities we represent.  The Ranges are integral to their life and Dreamtime stories.  

The Aboriginals (the Arrernte mob) believe three giant caterpillars: Yeperenye, Ntyarlke and Utnerrengatye created the stunning ranges after emerging from of an escarpment in Mparntwe or Alice Springs.  Rock art exists at Emily Gap near Alice Springs which tells the story of the caterpillars emergence and bitter fight with the Irlperenye or giant stink bug which killed the caterpillars off.

Caterpillar remains made rock formations and gaps in the ranges.  Surviving Yeperenye caterpillars made the rivers and the trees and in some Aboriginal Dreamtime stories the Caterpillar dreaming resides underneath the eucalyptus trees.

The McDonnell Ranges and the flora living on them is often depicted in the Aboriginal artwork and wallpapers we sell.  The Country where they sit is the embodiment of the Aboriginal people who have been custodians of the land for at least 40,000 years.  

The MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs

The MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs

My Grandmother's Country by Denise Ngwarraye Bonney 107x51cm available online or in the gallery.

My Grandmother's Country by Denise Ngwarraye Bonney 107x51cm available online or in the gallery.

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My Country: Lilly's sugarbag trees

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     My Country, Wallpaper GREEN is a translation of a painting by Lilly Kemarre Morton, depicting the Australian outback: bush tucker & bush medicine plentiful after the rains.

My Country, Wallpaper GREEN is a translation of a painting by Lilly Kemarre Morton, depicting the Australian outback: bush tucker & bush medicine plentiful after the rains.

Notice the sugar bag tree, rendered here in yellow by Lilly – a natural bee sweetener found in tree hollows, it is a favoured motif of hers.

Lilly's husband is the legendary Banjo Petyarre Morton, who led the historical Aboriginal stockmen walk-offs of 1949, successfully winning the fundamental right to earn wages instead of rations. 

Bay Gallery Home's  My Country  Wallpaper, GREEN.

Bay Gallery Home's My Country Wallpaper, GREEN.

Lilly's landscapes beautifully communicate the rich knowledge she possesses of both medicinal plants and country, the heart of her culture. 

As a young girl, Lilly lived traditionally off of the land with her family and Alyawarr people. In Lilly's lifetime, she has experienced and borne witness to the irreversible changes of country and way of life, previously unchanged for thousands of years.

She is now a kind and gentle elder of the community, and often tells her family and friends stories of how life used to be in Alywarre, her language. These stories are also a great inspiration for many of the artists within the community. 

Lilly is passionate about nature, especially her country and the plants that grow on it, and though she has little English, she is ever keen to explain the various bush medicines which she depicts in her paintings.