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Australia's MacDonnell Ranges feature in our artwork and wallpaper

The MacDonnell Ranges run 664km across the Northern Territory, Australia through the Aboriginal countries and communities we represent.  The Ranges are integral to their life and Dreamtime stories.  

The Aboriginals (the Arrernte mob) believe three giant caterpillars: Yeperenye, Ntyarlke and Utnerrengatye created the stunning ranges after emerging from of an escarpment in Mparntwe or Alice Springs.  Rock art exists at Emily Gap near Alice Springs which tells the story of the caterpillars emergence and bitter fight with the Irlperenye or giant stink bug which killed the caterpillars off.

Caterpillar remains made rock formations and gaps in the ranges.  Surviving Yeperenye caterpillars made the rivers and the trees and in some Aboriginal Dreamtime stories the Caterpillar dreaming resides underneath the eucalyptus trees.

The McDonnell Ranges and the flora living on them is often depicted in the Aboriginal artwork and wallpapers we sell.  The Country where they sit is the embodiment of the Aboriginal people who have been custodians of the land for at least 40,000 years.  

The MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs

The MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs

My Grandmother's Country by Denise Ngwarraye Bonney 107x51cm available online or in the gallery.

My Grandmother's Country by Denise Ngwarraye Bonney 107x51cm available online or in the gallery.

NEWS, My Country

Historic Hicks&Weatherburn now stock our My Country wallpapers.

A vibrant collage of our   My Country  wallpapers , translations of authentic Australian Aboriginal artworks, made in the UK.

A vibrant collage of our My Country wallpapers, translations of authentic Australian Aboriginal artworks, made in the UK.

Our My Country Australian Aboriginal wallpapers from original artwork is now stocked by the historic Hicks & Weathernburn.

Established in 1741 in Yorkshire, they are the oldest paint manufacturing company in Leeds, and have expanded into interiors, expanding their expertise on colours and bespoke client service. 

Here is what they have to say:

"We are delighted to be stocking a unique range of wallpaper alongside our premium interior paints designed by Aboriginal artists in Australia’s Northern territory.

A chance meeting with Alexandra O’Brien at Bay Gallery in Tetbury during a recent trip down South led to the collaboration and we are proud to be supporting her work.

Bay Gallery has been working with artists from Aboriginal communities since 2008 and is the only dedicated Aboriginal gallery in the UK.

In collaboration with British manufacturers, some of the designs created in Australia have now been transformed into a striking and stylish collection of interiors products, including the My Country range of wallpaper.

The artists behind these designs take their inspiration from the land, family and nature. This rural theme fits perfectly with our own colour range which is inspired by the Yorkshire countryside.

We will now be selling Bay Gallery’s wallpaper range alongside our paints and would be happy to suggest the best colour combinations to use with them in your interior design scheme.

The artists are remunerated for the original purchase of artwork, and receive a percentage of interiors sales. This is an important source of income for these communities and helps towards mobility, educational and work opportunities.

The original approach came from the Aboriginal communities themselves which means our customers can be confidence that stock is ethically sourced and authentically certified."